The primary goal of Lane Leadership Foundation (LLF) is to identify the needs of Lane County and provide resources or create partnerships to meet those needs.


LLF seeks to help provide support and stability to individuals and organizations through low-income housing, secure employment, leadership development, and community development. Through various programs and partnerships, LLF will work to build the capacity of Lane County to help disenfranchised community members.


LLF was created out of a group of individuals that were currently meeting the mission of LLF without the organization and structure. Through years of attempting to serve the needs of Lane County individually, we have found that the best solution is collaboration — thus, LLF was formed.

LLF has three primary focuses:

  • Housing for low- income, struggling, or disenfranchised individuals
  • Providing access to jobs for all people
  • Leadership development for various non-profit and for-profit organizations in Lane County

LLF also has an arm that focuses on community development in Lane County. This branch of LLF seeks to build the capacity of self-directed initiatives or partner with local organizations that strengthen the community at large. Some of the organizations LLF partners with under the Community Development branch are Agape Youth Camp, Agape Mentorship, Willamette Christian School, and Hosea Youth Services.