Affordable Housing

The need for stable and affordable housing in Lane County is growing and urgent. LLF is aiming to meet needs for low-income housing for a variety of different demographics including at-risk and homeless youth, individuals who have been formerly incarcerated, and the families of individuals who have been formerly incarcerated.


At LLF, we believe that providing affordable housing will be a turning point for a successful and sustainable future in Lane County. Creating housing units that are affordable for low-income households, as well as those overlooked in the middle class, will be vital in breaking the cycle of poverty. Owning a home is the most accessible way to build wealth. Building homes that are affordable is a sustainable and efficient way to provide disenfranchised individuals a means to build wealth.


We plan on partnering with LLF Homes to build affordable housing that will be available for struggling households. With the cost of living still on the rise, the need for affordable housing is only growing.