LLF seeks to partner with local organizations in order to help build their capacity. LLF will serve as consultants to help build up and equip leaders in the community. Without equipped community leaders, sustained success will be unlikely. Some of the organizations LLF currently partners with are Agape Families, Willamette Christian School, and Hosea Youth Services.

Development Examples

Agape Families: LLF has partnered with Agape to help build its capacity to develop and run its annual camp for youth with incarcerated parents. Among the services LLF offers is development and implementation of project timetables, leadership development through mentoring, and community outreach for better networking.

Hosea Youth Services (HYS): LLF has partnered with HYS to build out and implement a vocational placement program for homeless or at-risk youth. Among LLF’s services are: development and implementation of program, aid in securing grants/funding, and leadership development.