Work Opportunity

LLF recognizes that providing affordable housing is only part of the solution. Equally as important is helping individuals secure reliable jobs.


In line with housing, gainful employment is another cornerstone to live healthily and happily. With the job market flooded with low paying, entry-level jobs, education and training are more important than ever.


At LLF, we are helping to provide several layers of job training and education opportunities through community collaboration:

HYS Vocational Placement Program: LLF has been helping Hosea Youth Services develop a vocational placement program geared towards serving youth ages 16-24. With this program youth have the opportunity to have steady work, learn financial foundations, and utilize resources offered by Hosea.

LLF Homes: LLF has partnered with LLF Homes to help provide employment opportunities for rehabilitated inmates and others needing work.

Leadership Impact Scholarship: LLF has partnered with Western Seminary and is looking for other partnering schools to set up scholarship opportunities for future leaders in Lane County.